Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy collects information online for the primary goal of making its services more rewarding for its users. You could be asked at times to provide certain information, such as your name, your email address and your personal preferences related to our site and services. On occasions when we offer items for purchase online, you may be requested to provide credit card numbers, a relevant physical address or other information. We also may ask for information related to personalizing our services to you, since most users find personalization of our site and services creates a more rewarding experience. Certain opportunities we offer may require your providing personal information in order to participate. It may be necessary to collect personally identifying information to partake in offerings, such as when you elect to advertise on our site or use other specific and elective services.

You are never under any obligation to provide such information (to us or to anyone else on the Internet), but such information may be necessary in order to participate in particular events or offerings.

The information we collect is generally applicable to one of two categories:

Anonymous information: This covers information not directly identifiable to an individual and is used predominantly to focus our attention on the most commonly visited areas of our site, what elements are most interesting to viewers, etc. This is information we use to improve and update our services and contains no personally identifying data.
Personally Identifiable Information: This is information that specifies an individual and gives to him or her an “identity”; such information may include name, physical address and phone number. We may use such information as part of our security mechanism in order to protect, for example, your personal messages from being read by others. We collect no personally identifiable information from outside sources—whatever information we have is limited to that which you voluntarily supply. Use of this information is limited to our services requiring personal information and is never provided to anyone outside elective services group.

The most important component in maintaining your privacy is you—please remember you are ultimately responsible for the security of your member name and password. Please do not post to public areas of our (or any) site information you do not wish to have shared with others. And please be careful and responsible whenever you’re online. wants to ensure you are always satisfied with our services. Our relationship with our users is paramount to our success. In an ongoing effort to create a hospitable environment for you and all our users, we ask that you read our Terms of Use. We hope your online experience with us and as a whole is rewarding, informative and always enjoyable.